UNM Zoom Terms of Use

Acceptable Use and Online Behavior 

UNM expects campus activities to be respectful of a diverse community and supportive of students, faculty, and staff with a wide range of backgrounds and experiences. By registering for and participating in UNM supported events including Zoom meetings and other online activities, you agree to comply with and be bound by UNM’s Acceptable Computer Use Policy (2500) https://policy.unm.edu/university-policies/2000/2500.html and UNM’s Respectful Campus Policy (2240) https://policy.unm.edu/university-policies/2000/2240.html. 

FERPA and Student Privacy

Any audio or video of a class meeting or part of a class assignment/project that can be viewed live or recorded for later distribution containing the name, image, video or audio of one or more students is subject to FERPA. By using Zoom as part of academic classes you acknowledge and agree to The UNM Registrar's FERPA guidelines https://at.unm.edu/legal-and-compliance/ferpa-considerations.html.

Data Governance

You agree to act in accordance with applicable laws, regulations, and in accordance with The University of New Mexico policies, procedures and operational controls regarding Personally Identifiable Information (PII) UNM collects and uses. You acknowledge that you will abide by UNM's policies regarding student and health data or other PII data categories:  

  • HIPAA and PHI Use of Protected Health Information (PHI) is prohibited. For assistance with the operational controls for HIPAA information, please consult the HSC Privacy Office (https://hsc.unm.edu/admin/privacy/).  
  • FERPA, Student Records, and Use of Zoom with Students For assistance with FERPA information, please consult the UNM Registrar (https://registrar.unm.edu/).  
  • Research Compliance For assistance with compliance issues associated with research contracts, grants, projects, and human research, please consult the Office of Research Compliance (http://researchcompliance.unm.edu/).  
  • For all other PII or Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI), please open a HELP ticket (https://help.unm.edu), and the UNM Information Security and Privacy Office can assist you in identifying the appropriate data steward and safeguards. Additionally, be aware of the privacy policy on https://zoom.us/terms/ as well as on the UNM Information Security & Privacy Office website (https://ispo.unm.edu/). 

All users of Zoom are responsible for appropriate use of data that may be available through Zoom, and for securing that data, i.e., ensuring proper use of the service and ensuring that there is no unauthorized access or sharing.