Join a UNM Zoom Meeting That Requires Authentication

This information is intended for individuals attempting to join a meeting that requires authentication, you must sign into your Zoom account prior to being admitted.

1.  Click Sign in to Join.


2. A new "Sign In" screen will load. Click Sign In with SSO or SSO.

*The Sign in with SSO button may look different depending on your system and version.

zoom_sso or


3. In the next window, type  "unm" in the text field and click Continue.


*Note: HSC users can choose to log into meetings restricted to UNM accounts with their HSC Zoom account instead. In the Company Domain, type "hsc-unm" in the text field and click Continue. The steps outlined below will be slightly different, and will require your Salud email address.

4. If you are prompted to sign in after clicking the "Continue" button, you must  enter your full UNM email address (e.g., <your UNM NetID> Do not just put your NetID. You must add the to the end.

azure-signin-wrong-lucylobo    azure-signin-right-lucylobo

5. Enter your password.


6. Your browser session may prompt you to  Open Zoom.