Web Meetings

Best Practices to Keep Your Meetings




COVID-19 accelerated the adoption of online tools for teaching, learning, research, and managing the university. Among these tools, web conferencing and event tools that facilitate synchronous communication online are important for course work, business and research meetings, public lectures, forums, and online conferences.

This site provides best practices for managing your web meetings while also employing safeguards to protect the safety, security, and privacy of UNM students, faculty, and staff.

Getting Started

Whether you need a web meeting to attend a class, teach a class, host a departmental meeting, deliver a public lecture, or host a full online conference, we have tools to help you get started. This site contains support documentation, resources, and best practices to ensure that your event goes as seamlessly as possible.

Request an Account

For hosting meetings, the first step is to request a Zoom Pro license. There is no charge to UNM departments for Zoom Pro licenses, and they support meetings with up to 300 online participants.

Determine Meeting Type

Determine what kind of a meeting you need to host - hosting a class meeting is different from hosting a webinar or an online conference.

Prepare Your Meeting

Prepare for your meeting and test your equipment.

Protect Your Meeting

Implement controls to prevent unintended access, trolling, and disruption.

Invite Panelists & Participants

Choose who you invite to your meeting and what access you give them.

Host Your Meeting

Host your event with the above safeguards in place.

Get Help

In the unfortunate event that your meeting is disrupted by online harassment, get help with incident response.